Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for the $39.90 deal on the flyer?

We deliver a brand new Yeahlink SIP-46S handset configured with your phone number and shortcuts.

Unlimited calls to Australian land line, mobile and 13/1300/1800 numbers.

Calls to mobile and landline numbers in 19 overseas locations.

Auto attendant, voicemail to email, call forwarding, ring groups and music on hold.

$0 setup or delivery fees on a 24 month contract. Minimum cost is $957.60.

Are there setup or installation fees?

No, the service is complete. There are a few things not covered mind you.

If your business premises requires the installation of power or networking there may be installation fees from a trades person.

If you want complex call routing where more than 1 action after an unanswered call is required to go to multiple people etc we may need to add some $5 per month connectors but in most cases they are not required.

Can I buy my phones outright?

Yes. See the accessories page for more details.

I want a bigger or smaller phone than the one for $39.90

Sure. See the accessories page for more details.

We can mix the phones up as per your requirements.

Can we use our existing hardware and handsets?

Generally speaking you can probably use any VoIP capable devices with our systems. We can always try and make it work.

Older analogue equipment can be used with an ATA device but doesn’t usually work very well.

When do we tell our current provider that we are moving.

Once you have filled out the number porting form and set a diversion on your current number you can advise your current provider that you are moving.

How long does the whole process take?

We will configure and send the phones within 2 working days from receiving all the forms we need from you and send or deliver them.

The porting of your current number is dependent on your current provider but it generally takes around 1-2 weeks.

Why does the phone have a separate power adapter?

Because many businesses have Power over Ethernet switches the phones don’t come with a separate power adapter. If you need power adapters we sell them for $15.

Can I call countries not on the list of 19 included overseas locations?

Yes of course. You will see any calls not included listed on your invoice.

About the Virtual Receptionist recording.

We can assist you with recording your own right from our handsets or add a professional recording.

1902 numbers?

No. Nope. No.

If you require horoscope or mens special interest numbers we recommend you do it from your mobile.

Do you have other options for phone systems?

Yes. We can provide trunks and onsite or hosted phones systems to suit your needs.

Call us for more details on these services.

Support and faults.

We understand how important your phone system is to your business and want to know immediately if you have any issues.

Our support email is constantly monitored and we pick up the phone when you ring.

Do you also provide IT support?

Yes. 247 Connect is a product line of 247 365 IT Support for Small Business.